Sensational Soaking Tubs For Small Spaces: Just What You Need

Sensational-SoakingTubs-For-Small-Spaces-Woollahra-NSW-2025One of the finest luxuries in life is to soak your body in a deep soaking tub. You’ll relieve stress and tension and any muscle aches. Don’t let your bathroom size limit your options, with the new soaking tubs that are available in today’s market, there is something for every size of bathroom and you’ll be surprised at how very affordable it is to own a soaking tub.

The Many Benefits Of Soaking Tubs

Originally from Eastern culture, these soaking tubs once serve religious purposes. The people believed in hydrotherapy and soaking is one of the best ways to ease any discomfort from many diseases including arthritis. Additionally, muscle pains from extensive work schedules also are relieved by a hot soak in the tub. You’ll be pleased to know that a long soak is very beneficial alternative to taking a pain pill.

Primary Considerations

When you seek to purchase a soaking tub, you’ll want to consider several options. There are freestanding and built in tubs to look at as well as various styles such as corner soaking tubs, walk in tubs and small deep tubs. If you’re tight on space a corner soaking tub may be the ideal solution for you. Of course, if you have plenty of space, you’ll likely want a freestanding tub. Freestanding tubs offer both clawfoot and pedestal styles and then of course, there is the slipper back tub or double slipper back tub. If you have a smaller space a slipper back is the perfect choice.

The Corner Tub

A corner tub is very space saving and will allow a small bath the luxury of a soaking tub. Know your measurements when you go shopping and find the best deal for your money. Some even have a head rest or an arm rest to go with them. It may sound silly, but you should always “try out” the tub before you buy. That is to say, sit yourself right down in the tub in the showroom. This way you can make sure that it fits your body size. It will also tell you if the tub is deep enough for soaking your entire body and not just part of it. Our primary goal is to provide customers with the products and services they need in a timely manner, at competitive prices. So whether you are a property developer, builder, or just an individual wanting to renovate or build a house or unit, visit and we can help you.

The Slipper Back Tub

If you’ve ever drooled over the  old fashioned style tubs in the movies with a higher back, you’re likely looking at a slipper tub. These are raised on one end if single ended or if raised on both ends it’s called a double slipper. Either way, these are one of the most ideal soaking tubs. If you choose a double ended tub you’ll have the faucets in the middle of the tub and these are ideal for a double soak with that special someone. Now that you know the variety of tubs available, you will have in mind what you’re looking for in your own bathroom. Now you can make an informed decision and go out and find your new tub and plan for installation.